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Welcome to your solution for conscious creativity. 

Curating Custom Art Displays in Corporate Offices, Retail Businesses and Homes

Providing Art Services for the Reno/Tahoe Area

By Appointment Only



  • Consultation

  • Fine Art Procurement

  • Custom Commissions

  • Design, Curation & Exhibition

  • Consult Clients on Artwork Sales & Purchases

  • Provide Collectors Access to Arts Professionals

  • Facilitate Relations Between Collectors & Local Arts

  • Referrals & Recommendations

  • Services for Artists

  • Lifestyle Management

  • Education

  • Promotions



Catering to Both Individuals and Corporations

- Management of Services Related to Client Convenience - 

Our clients not only experience the best of Reno-Tahoe’s visual art scene and beyond, they also relate to community within the greater context of art. Reno Tahoe Art Concierge satisfies its clients’ intellectual curiosity and thirst for contemporary visual art and culture by offering services that make art appreciation convenient.


Price quotes vary and are accustomed.

Hourly and contract rates available. 

*Commissions based on individual basis.




The owners and operators of concierge, lifestyle management and errand service businesses are supported and advocated by the non-profit International Concierge and Lifestyle Management Association (ICLMA) and the National Concierge Association.


Private and Corporate Inquiry:

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Portal to Artist Services

Professional services and representation for artists.


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